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Mandatory Commercial Organics (AB 1826)

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Businesses and Multi-Family Complexes Organic Waste Recycling Requirements food_recovery_hierarchy

With the passage of AB 1826, new organic recycling requirements will be phased in over several years and will help the state meet its goal to recycle 75 percent of its waste by 2020.
Businesses, including public entities, and multifamily complexes of 5 units or more are required to recycle their organic waste. The City of Santee and Waste Management are here to help you comply with the new state requirements.

Organic Recycling Services

The requirement to recycle organic waste can be met by taking one or any combination of the following actions, provided that the action is in compliance with local ordinances and requirements.

You can choose any combination of the following options below to divert organic materials from the landfill and be compliant with AB 1826.

  • Source-separate organic waste from other waste and subscribe to an organic waste recycling service that specifically includes collection and recycling of organic waste.
  • Recycle or compost organic waste on-site, or self-haul organic waste for organic recycling
  • Self-haul organic waste for organic recycling. (Proof of transport & tracking may be required).
  • Subscribe to an organic waste recycling service that includes mixed waste processing that specifically recycles organic waste. (In Santee, it would be through Waste Management, the City’s franchise hauler.)
  • Donate extra food to feed people or animals. See resources below for a partial list of options.
A property owner of a commercial business or multifamily residential dwelling may require tenants to source separate their recyclable materials to aid in compliance with this section.

DID YOU KNOW? Recyclable organic waste accounts for about 40 percent of the material Californians dispose in landfills annually. Recycling organic waste can save businesses money by reducing disposal costs while supporting green jobs in our community.

Local Government Requirements

The City of Santee implemented a commercial solid waste recycling program that consists of education, outreach and monitoring of businesses, that is appropriate for and is designed to divert commercial solid waste from businesses and multi-family units.

The City is required to report the progress achieved in implementing its commercial recycling program, including education, outreach and monitoring, and if applicable, enforcement efforts and exemptions, by providing updates in its electronic annual report.



Businesses may contact the City of Santee or Waste Management, the City’s franchise hauler, at the following:

City of Santee: (619) 258-4100 extension 127, or Waste Management: (619) 596-5100 or visit