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Irrigation Runoff

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Irrigation runoff is prohibited by The City of Santee, local water districts, and the State of California. Irrigation runoff consists of any irrigation water that is discharged to the street, sidewalk, curb gutter, or storm drain. 

Irrigation runoff pollutes our water by transporting sediment, nutrients, pesticides, and bacteria, as well as any other substance it comes into contact with, into the storm drain system and San Diego River!  

Irrigation runoff unnecessarily wastes water. 

How to Prevent Irrigation Runoff:

  • Examine and adjust sprinklers so they are aiming only at landscaped areas.
  • Use drip irrigation when feasible.
  • Routinely till soil to increase water infiltration rates.
  • Use the cycle-soak method to break up long periods of watering into several shorter periods, which allows the water to infiltrate more effectively.
  • Inspect and repair sprinkler heads and irrigation lines to prevent leaks. 
  • Consider converting existing landscaping and turf to drought tolerant plants.


The City of Santee actively enforces over-irrigation complaints, and coordinates with Padre Dam Municipal Water District to prevent  irrigation runoff. If you notice over-irrigation, report it to The City by filling out an online request or by calling 619-258-4100 Extension 167.