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Castlerock Development

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Castlerock is a new residential development that Pardee Homes is constructing north of Mast Boulevard in the City of San Diego (click here to download a project site map). The City of San Diego approved the project in 2013.  When completed, the development will include 415 homes, a 4-acre park, a multi-use trail and other public amenities.  Grading activities have started and work on the site and the adjacent streets will continue for approximately two years.

Santee recognizes that the development of Castlerock will impact its residents and city service levels.  To help offset these impacts, Santee negotiated to reduce the size of the development and make it compatible with the city's development standards. 

Santee will  have more control over the site when the development is completed and the property is formally annexed to the city.  Santee did not have the legal authority to stop San Diego from approving the project and negotiated contractual agreements from San Diego and Pardee to mitigate impacts as much as possible.

Because Santee does not have the authority to directly oversee the development, the city cannot fully address all complaints regarding the construction.  For direct information about the project or to have immediate concerns addressed, please contact Sarah Chavez at the City of San Diego at (858) 627-3240 or Pardee Homes at (858)737-7956 or electronically at  Although Santee lacks authority to directly address all issues related to the construction, Santee staff is monitoring the project and is committed to helping Santee residents get answers to their questions and address issues that are raised. Santee Senior Planner John O’Donnell at (619) 258-4100 X 182 is available to help with information.