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Residential Recycling Guidelines

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What Goes In Your Carts...


Everything not listed below should be placed in the trash can. If in doubt, throw it out.

Commingled Recyclables (BLUE CART)

Please rinse food residue from containers

Paper (all colors)
Paper bags
Cardboard (non-soiled or greasy)                 
Junk mail
Mail inserts
Sticky notes
White envelopes
Manila envelopes 
Phone books/directories                      
Paperback books
Paper egg cartons (no egg residue)
Milk jugs (plastic)
Plastic beverage containers labeled #1-#7 *
Other plastic containers labeled #1 & #2 *
Juice bottles
Laundry detergent bottles
Glass bottles/jars                        
Liquor bottles
Aluminum/tin cans
Pie tins
Aerosol cans (empty)
Milk/Juice cartons

* containers are numbered on the bottom with arrows surrounding the number

Green Waste (GREEN CART)

Please do not place greenwaste in plastic bags or tie bundles with wires

Lawn clippings
Leaves and weeds
Tree branches and shrubs                            
Garden trimmings
Sawdust, wood chips and small clean wood scraps

 DO NOT place the following items in the greenwaste can.  Put these items in the TRASH:

Plastic bags
Pet Waste
Palm fronds
Succulents or yucca                                    
Painted wood
Treated wood  

For more information or questions on recycling, please contact Heather Heckman with the Community Services Department at (619) 258-4100 extension 127 or email