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Home Occupation License

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A home occupation business license is required for any business conducted within a residential dwelling by the inhabitants of the dwelling.  Home based businesses are regulated by the Santee Municipal Code. The application fee for a Home Occupation Business is $47, which includes a $4 State fee for disability access (AB-1379). Annual business license renewal fee is $35, which includes a $4 State fee for disability access (AB-1379). 

A home occupation license can be applied for online in person or via mail. A Home Occupation Rules Sheet needs to be submitted with a business license application. A Home Occupation Property Owner Authorization Form needs to be submitted if the residence is being rented by the applicant.

The following restrictions apply to home based businesses:

  • No persons, other than residents of the dwelling unit, shall be engaged in such activity.
  • There shall be no change in the outward appearance of the building or premises, or other visible evidence of the activity, nor shall it cause an undue amount of vehicular traffic or parking within the neighborhood.
  • There shall be no sales of products on the premises, except produce (fruit or vegetables) grown on the subject property.
  • The use shall not generally allow customers or clientele to visit dwellings. However, limited clientele visits for such uses as music lessons, swim lessons, hairdresser services and similar uses as determined by the Director of Development Services, may be permitted if the intensity of the activity is approved by the Director of Development Services.
  • The home occupation operation shall be consistent with the permitted residential use, and shall not:
    • Create any conditions that are detrimental to the residential neighborhood such as significantly increased traffic; or
    • Cause increased noise, dust, lighting, odor, smoke, fumes, vibration, electrical, radio or television disturbances or violate any applicable ordinances or laws; or
    • Cause a change in the building code occupancy in the structure where it is located. Examples of uses that do not qualify as home occupation include automotive repair and/or engine rebuilding, upholstering, machine or welding shop or similar uses that are not compatible with residential uses. The activities conducted and equipment, material or hazardous materials used shall be identified on the business license application and shall not change the fire safety or residential occupancy classifications of the premises.
  • No home occupation shall be conducted in an accessory building. Normal use of the garage may be permitted if such use does not obstruct required parking.
  • The use shall not involve storage of materials or supplies in an accessory building or outside any structures.
  • No signs shall be displayed in conjunction with the home occupation.
  • The use shall not involve the use of commercial vehicles for delivery of materials to or from the premises, other than a vehicle not to exceed a capacity of one and one half tons owned by the operator of such home occupation.
  • If an applicant is not the owner of the property where a home occupation is to be conducted, then the property owner needs to complete the Home Occupation Property Owner Authorization, which needs to be submitted with the application.

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