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Annual Fire Prevention Inspection

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                          Annual Fire Prevention Inspection Checklist

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Santee businesses are required to undergo an annual fire prevention inspection. These inspections are to ensure compliance with the California Fire Code, National Fire Protection Association and The City of Santee’s Fire Code Amendments. Inspections provide an opportunity for the City's fire personnel to identify potential ignition sources of fire prior to an event and to familiarize themselves with various building layouts throughout the City. In an effort to provide information to keep your occupancy safe and to help you prepare for an annual fire prevention inspection, listed below are some of the common fire code violations that are noted during inspections.

  • Spontaneous Ignition Sources [CFC 304.3.1] – Materials such as oily rags should be stored in the proper containers, such as a vented metal can, that can be removed and disposed of daily.
  • Storage in Buildings [CFC 315.2] – Storage of combustible materials in buildings should be orderly. Storage should be separated from heaters or heating devices by distance and shielding so that ignition cannot occur.
  • Ceiling Clearance [CFC 315.2.1] – Storage should be maintained two feet or lower from the ceiling in NON-sprinklered buildings and 18 inches or more from any sprinkler head deflectors in sprinklered buildings.
  • Means of Egress [CFC 315.2.2] – Materials shall not be stored in exits or exit enclosures.
  • Equipment Room Storage [CFC 315.2.3] – Materials shall not be stored in boiler rooms, mechanical rooms or electrical rooms.
  • Address Identification [CFC 505.1] – New and existing buildings should have approved address numbers that are visible from the street or road fronting the property and should contrast with the background.
  • Electrical Panel [CFC 605.1 – 605.3] – Electrical panels should not be blocked by storage and be accessible with three feet in width and six feet, six inches in height of space around the panel. They need an illumination source, such as a light in the room, and the panel cannot have any missing spacers.
  • Extension Cords (ZIP Cords) [CFC 605.5 – 605.5.4] – Extension cords and flexible cords shall not be substituted for permanent wiring. Extension cords cannot be affixed to structures, extended through walls, ceilings or floors or under doors or floor coverings. Extension cords shall only be used with portable appliances.
  • Cover Plates [CFC 605.6] – Open junction boxes, electrical outlets and open-wire splicing shall be prohibited. Approved covers shall be provided for all switch and electrical outlet boxes.
  • Exit Signs [CFC 1011.5 –1011.5.3] – Where an occupancy load is less than 50, only one exit is required. If only one exit is required, then no exit sign is required.  If an occupancy load is greater than 50 and/or an exit sign is required, then the sign must be illuminated either internally or externally. The sign must have letters that are at least six inches high and two inches wide. The word “EXIT” must be in contrast to the background.
  • Fire Extinguisher Mounting [CFC 906.5 – 906.9.3] – Fire extinguishers must be mounted in a conspicuous location where they will be readily accessible and immediately available for use. These locations shall be along normal paths of travel, with a maximum travel distance of 75 feet. They must be unobstructed and unobscured from view.
  • Hand-held extinguishers not stored in cabinets shall be installed on the hangers or brackets supplied. They should be securely anchored.
  • Extinguishers weighing less than 40 lbs. shall be installed so the top is no more than five feet off the ground.
  • Extinguishers weighing more than 40 lbs. shall be mounted so the top is no more than three and a half feet off the ground. The clearance between the floor and the bottom of the extinguisher shall not be less than four inches.
  • Business License During your annual fire prevention inspection, your City of Santee business license is verified as current.

This list should be used only as a guide, and any questions should be directed to the City of Santee's Fire Marshal, (619) 258-4100, ext. 184.  For a PDF of this list, [Click Here].