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Trash Enclosures

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Forester Creek with various trash and debris scattered around

Trash pollution often originates from overstuffed waste bins, or dumpsters that cannot be closed, do not have lids, or are not stored within an enclosure. When waste management areas are not properly maintained, wind and water runoff can scatter trash into the storm drain system and into our waterways.

The City requires all new, redevelopment, and certain tenant improvement projects to retrofit or build a new trash enclosure to meet the standards stated below.

To see if your project is required to retrofit or build a new trash enclosure, refer to the Trash Enclosure Requirements Decision Tree.

Retrofitted trash enclosure example 1



fully enclosed with screen


   Trash Enclosure Requirements:

  1. Enclosure must be fully enclosed with solid roofing to prevent rainfall from entering the enclosure and to prevent wind dispersal as well as offsite transport of trash and recycling.
  2. Required signage: “No Dumping," and “Keep Lids Closed.”
  3. Must be adequately sized to store all recycling, trash, organic waste, and grease rendering bins (if applicable).
  4. All gaps between walls and roof of the enclosure must be screened with a 5mm gauge. 
  5. For detailed information on guidelines and examples: Trash Enclosure Standards 
   For more information on trash enclosures: