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Businesses Can Protect Water Quality

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Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program


Sustainable business practices save money, time, and protects water quality and the environment. By applying appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs), your business can also improve employee health and safety, communicate a positive professional image, and create good relationships with your customers and neighbors.  

To comply with State and Federal Water Quality Regulations, the city requires all industrial and commercial businesses to apply minimum BMPs. A key BMP is to provide annual staff training on protecting water quality. The City of Santee maintains an inventory of commercial and industrial business and performs routine inspections to make sure that appropriate BMPs are applied. 

Informational Fact Sheets: 
 Automotive  Green Wrench - Automotive Guide   Outdoor Surface Washing
 Automotive Shop Poster  Industrial & Commercial  Restaurant Poster
 Carpet Cleaning  Landscape Maintenance  Sewage Spill Response
 Demolition & Construction  Mobile Detailing  Special Events
 Fire & Erosion Prevention  Organic Waste

 Water Conservation

 Food & Beverage  Paved Roads and Parking Lots   What's Cookin' - Food Service Guide
 General Business  Pool & Spa Maintenance  Spill Response
External Resources:

Corrective Action Response:

 A Corrective Action Response (CAR) is a written response submitted to the city, which acknowledges the violation(s), states corrective measures taken, and describes preventative measures to be implemented. CARs are typically required by sites where violations of the municipal code have been overserved, and must be submitted to the city within a given time frame in order to close-out the inspection. A CAR must always include documentation of employee training and supporting documentation, such as photos and service records.

CAR Materials:

Note: The City of Santee asks that you maintain sign-in sheet and training material records for future inspections.

Industrial General Permit:

In addition to the resources provided above, industrial businesses are typically required to obtain an Industrial General Industrial Permit (IGP) from the State Water Resources Control Board. implement Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), take water quality samples, and submit annual reports. To see if your business should have an IGP, review the following and/or and visit the State Water Board's Industrial Webpage.

For more information on the Industrial General Permit:

 Complying with the IGP
 No Exposure Certification
 Legally Responsible Person Registration  Regulated SIC Codes