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Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program

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Water Quality Protection and Enhancement

San Diego River which is directly impacted by storm water pollution.

Clean water for everyone! Unlike the city's sewer system, the storm water conveyance system (streets, sidewalk, gutters, etc.) conveys surface water runoff from rain, irrigation, and outdoor water use directly to our waterways without treatment. To reduce pollutants from being transported by this runoff, the city asks that all residents, businesses, city facilities, developers, and land owners do their part in preventing water pollution by applying best management practices (BMPs).

To comply with state and federal water quality regulations, the city requires residents, businesses, construction sites, and visitors to implement a set of minimum BMPs. These requirements are outlined within the city's Guidelines for Surface Water Pollution Prevention.

Specific information can be found on the following pages:

Report Pollution

Regional 24 HR Hotline:

1-888-844-6525 or

(619) 258-4100 Ext. 167

City of Santee

Complaint Reporting: Online

 Regulations, Plans, and Reports
 Construction Sites 
 Educational Resources
 Tenant Improvements
 Development Planning
 Trash Enclosures
Organize a Community Clean Up Day by checking out a Clean Up Kit!
Irrigation Runoff:

Did you know that irrigation runoff is prohibited? Irrigation runoff pollutes our water with sediment, pesticide, nutrients, and bacteria.  If you notice irrigation overspray traveling into any gutter, street, storm drain, or channel, please report it to the City!  For more information, see the irrigation runoff page.

GIS Files:

GIS files  for The City's Storm Water Program may be found here.