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Mobile Homes

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The development, operation and maintenance of mobile home parks in the city of Santee is regulated by the California Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL).  The MRL is part of California Civil Code.  Enforcement of the MRL is administered by the California civil court system.  Concerns about potential violations of the MRL and landlord/tenant  issues should be discussed with an attorney.

The California Department of Housing and Community Development oversees compliance with park operating permits.  The department performs periodic and as-needed inspections of commons areas, buildings, equipment and utility systems for proper maintenance and code compliance. Private lots may also be inspected to assess utility connections, accessory structure maintenance, separation and setback requirements, use of extension cords, fire hazards, rubbish and other health and safety issues.  Contact HCD’s Southern Regional Office at (951) 782‑4420.

Questions about mobile home registration and title may be directed to the California Department of Housing and Community Development’s El Cajon office at (619) 441-2326.

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Santee Manufactured Home Fair Practices Ordinance

A City of Santee ordinance regulates increases in space rent charged to owners of mobile homes whose rental agreements do not exceed 12 months in length.

Santee’s Manufactured Home Fair Practices Ordinance was adopted to mitigate an observed failure in the market for mobile home rental spaces in which owners of relatively immobile coaches were found to be at a disadvantage in negotiating reasonable space rental terms. The ordinance limits increases in month-to-month space rents according to a formula tied to the consumer price index for San Diego County. The ordinance does not seek to hold space rents to any standard of “affordability”.  An annual adjustment in space rents is intended to allow space rents to rise in a controlled manner over time to provide a just and reasonable return on investment to park owners.

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