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Right-of Way & Encroachment Permits

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As of 3/20/20 - The City of Santee will only be accepting and/or processing essential Encroachment Permits until further notice. Essential permits include those for:

  1. Emergency repairs
  2. Maintaining safety
  3. Permits critical to infrastructure needs

In regards to inspections, the only permits that should be requesting inspections are those that have previously started construction and need to be closed out for public safety reasons, or those that fall into one of the essential encroachment permit categories listed above. Further, night inspections should only be requested for emergency work.

Please remember only essential encroachment permit submittals will be processed, and all are to be submitted electronically via email: until further notice.

For emergency work permits, please make sure to indicate “Emergency Work” on the subject line and contact the Department of Development Services Inspection Line at (619) 258-4100 x 168.  This will allow us to have the appropriate City staff member work with your agency on your emergency.

When an Encroachment Permit is Necessary

An Encroachment permit from the Engineering Division is required for any work taking place within the City’s Right-of-Way (typically 10 feet behind the curb or 5 feet behind the sidewalk) this includes:

  • Replacement, repair, or installation of a new driveway
  • Curb under-drains and drain lines within the curb (curb core)
  • Retaining walls or any permanent structures located within in the City’s Right-of-way
  • Street closures/Block Parties


The City of Santee Encroachment Ordinance regulates work that takes place within City right of way, provides information on when a permit is required and specifies what is required to obtain an encroachment permit.

For residents, the City has prepared a "How to Guide on Encroachment Permits" that provides helpful information on what is needed to obtain an encroachment permit. Standard drawings are available in the City Amended Driveway Standards and for Sidewalk/Curb Drains.

For new development projects, information on what is required to be submitted with the first improvement plan check is included in the project conditions of approval. Plans should be prepared on the City’s standard title block: Improvement Title Sheets 1 & 2 (Commercial). Plan should submitted in-person by appointment.

When and Where Permits are Issued:

Encroachment Permits can be obtained at City Hall, Department of Development Services, 10601 Magnolia Avenue Building 4, (619) 258-4100 during the following hours:

  • 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday
  • 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Friday

Processing Time

Please allow 10 working days for processing Encroachment Permits.

Fees and Payments

The fee for the Encroachment Permit can be calculated using the current Fee Schedule. We accept payment of permits by cash, check or credit card.

File Downloads

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