Security Alarm System Permits

If you own, possess, install, leave or use an alarm system within the City of Santee you will need an alarm system permit as per the Santee Municipal Code. Every residence and business property is entitled to the safety and protection afforded by local law enforcement. Inadequately regulated security alarm systems present a danger to the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Santee.

An alarm system permit is valid for an indefinite period of time unless there is a change in alarm user, address location of the alarm system, or type of alarm system. Please notify the City of Santee Finance Department, Building 3 at 10601 Magnolia Ave, Santee, CA 92071 or via email in writing of any changes within (10) days after such changes occur.

The fee for an Alarm System Permit is $17.00.

Please complete the Alarm System Permit Application online.

False (Nuisance) Alarm

“False alarm” means:(1) the activation of a security alarm system due to other than an unauthorized intrusion on the premises or the commission or attempted commission of an unlawful act, which the security alarm system is designed to detect; or (2) the activation of a fire alarm system designed to detect fires or other similar emergency event when no such danger exists. Activation of a security or fire alarm system caused by any malfunction of telephone line circuits or violent natural catastrophic conditions does not constitute a false alarm unless activation is the result of the alarm user’s failure to correct any malfunction within the alarm user’s control.

False alarm - Limitations

  1. No person may cause, allow, facilitate, generate, or permit the occurrence of a false alarm.
  2. An alarm user who causes, allows, facilitates, generates, or permits a false alarm is liable to the City for the fees established by resolution of the City Council, and if no fee is established by resolution of the City Council, then, beginning with the third violation, in amounts consistent with fines levied in administrative citations pursuant to Chapter 1.08.
  3. An alarm user who violates subsection A of this section must correct or remove the cause of the violation immediately or within a longer time period specified by the City. (Ord. 560 § 3, 2019)


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